About Us

Yangzhou Kaihong Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales as one of the technology-oriented enterprises. The main products are all kinds of DC power supply, high voltage power supply, high power switching power supply, variable frequency power supply, DC high voltage power supply, DC regulated power supply, high voltage DC power supply...... We can also customize a variety of special specifications for customer requirements, our DC voltage stable current power supply power range is: power 100W ~ 1000KW, voltage 0-100KV, current 0-10KA. Over the years, relying on the scientific research strength of colleges and universities and actively absorb the mature technology and concept at home and abroad, the company continues to launch efficient and stable products, our products are small size, high efficiency, stable performance, It mainly serves the photovoltaic industry, motor industry, capacitor industry, scientific research and military industry, new energy automobile industry, medical industry, vacuum coating industry, electrostatic dust removal industry, sewage treatment industry, etc., which has been trusted by the majority of users.

The company has been committed to the normalization of management, the adoption of standardized production requirements, the implementation of standardized operations and has perfect testing equipment, in order to ensure the absolute reliability of product quality. We believe that talent is the main pillar of the development of an enterprise, so the company for a long time to cultivate and explore suitable for the company's technical personnel, formed a united struggle team, among which senior engineers, engineers with bachelor's degree or above, frontline engineering and technical personnel account for 30%, with strong technical force and new product research and development ability. As a professional DC power supply manufacturer, we will be excellent product quality, good reputation, affordable product price and quick and thoughtful after-sales service look forward to working with you hand in hand, and seek common development!

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