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  • Voltage fluctuations can cause problems for electrical appliances and machines. An AC voltage regulator is a device that maintains a stable AC output voltage. The regulator is used in many electrical applications, including homes, industries, and even in space missions.


  • A new program-controlled AC power supply has been introduced, offering greater precision and efficiency for a range of applications. The device, which operates on a digital signal processor, allows for automated operation over a wide range of frequencies and voltages, providing enhanced programmability and stability.


  • In recent years, the electronics industry has experienced exponential growth, with the demand for innovative gadgets on the rise.


  • When it comes to powering the devices that make our lives run, few things are as essential as AC power supplies. These are the devices that convert the alternating current that runs through our electrical grid into the direct current that powers our smartphones, laptops, refrigerators, and so much more.


  • The biggest difference between AC power supply and DC power supply is that DC power supply is constant, while AC power supply has a change cycle, while DC voltage is constant, and AC has an effective value. Depending on the heating effect of the current, generally a voltmeter will indicate or measure an rms value.


  • A constant water flow cannot be maintained solely by the difference in water level, but a constant water level difference can be maintained by means of a water pump to continuously send water from a low place to a high place to form a steady water flow. Similar to this, the electrostatic field generated by the charge alone cannot maintain a constant current, but with the help of a liner power supply, the non-electrostatic effect (referred to as "non-electrostatic force") can be used to move the positive charge from the negative electrode with a lower potential.