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  • A constant water flow cannot be maintained solely by the difference in water level, but a constant water level difference can be maintained by means of a water pump to continuously send water from a low place to a high place to form a steady water flow. Similar to this, the electrostatic field generated by the charge alone cannot maintain a constant current, but with the help of a liner power supply, the non-electrostatic effect (referred to as "non-electrostatic force") can be used to move the positive charge from the negative electrode with a lower potential.


  • High power and high voltage power supply is a kind of power supply device that can provide high power output and high voltage output. It is usually used in applications requiring high voltage and high power, such as scientific research experiments, industrial production and medical equipment.


  • High power DC stable current power supply is mainly used in applications requiring high current stable output, such as semiconductor material growth, electron beam welding, welding, electrolysis, autoclaving, etc. At the same time, it is also widely used in industrial production lines, such as manufacturing solar panels, LED light sources and other production lines that need precise control.


  • Two-way DC power supply is a kind of power supply device that can provide positive and negative DC power output. It adopts high-frequency modulation, conversion, switching and other technologies, which can realize the control and regulation of voltage, current, power and other parameters, so as to meet the power requirements of different application environments.


  • Industrial robots use either AC or DC power. Generally speaking, industrial robots use DC power and need to meet the following technical requirements: 1. High stability requirements: Industrial robots need to work all day, so its power supply needs to be highly stable.


  • New energy car chargers should choose DC power with high output power, safety and reliability, good load characteristics and stability. The commonly used DC power supply is matrix power supply, transformer power supply, DC-DC converter power supply and so on.


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