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  • High voltage power supply 30kV refers to a power supply device capable of providing a voltage output of 30,000 volts. This high-voltage power supply is usually used for specific applications, such as scientific research, industrial manufacturing, medical equipment and other fields. It can produce high electric field and high voltage environment to meet the needs of corresponding equipment or experiments.

  • High power and high voltage power supply is a kind of power supply device that can provide high power output and high voltage output. It is usually used in applications requiring high voltage and high power, such as scientific research experiments, industrial production and medical equipment.

  • Kaihong is a professional leader China High voltage dual power supply manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. A high-voltage dual power supply is a power supply system with two independent power input paths used to provide a high-voltage power supply. Its main feature is that it has a redundant function, that is, when one power input path fails, another path can automatically take over the power supply to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system.

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