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How to define the characteristics of DC regulated power supply?


DC regulated power supply is a kind of power supply that can convert AC into DC and keep DC voltage at a stable level. It is a very important power supply and plays an important role in the maintenance and research of electronic equipment. DC regulated power supply mainly consists of transformer, rectifier bridge, regulated circuit and load. The transformer converts AC into DC, the rectifier bridge rectifies AC, the voltage stabilizing circuit stabilizes DC, and the load is used to receive the stabilized DC. The advantages of DC regulated power supply are stable voltage, large power, high efficiency, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and wide application range, which can meet the needs of different electronic equipment. The disadvantages of DC regulated power supply are high price, complex use, high maintenance cost, and easy to be subject to external electromagnetic interference. Improper use may damage the equipment. Therefore, when using DC regulated power supply, we should pay attention to safety, ensure the quality of power supply, reasonable use and timely maintenance to ensure the safe use of power supply.