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What are the technical requirements for the parameters of the DC power supply used by industrial robots

Industrial robots use either AC or DC power. Generally speaking, industrial robots use DC power and need to meet the following technical requirements:
1. High stability requirements: Industrial robots need to work all day, so its power supply needs to be highly stable. The influence of any factor on the stability of the power supply may affect the operation and accuracy of the robot.
2. High incremental requirements: industrial robots need to control subtle movements, so its power supply needs to have high precision and high resolution adjustment capabilities;
3. High isolation requirements: there may be a lot of noise in the circuit of the robot, and these noises may have a negative impact on the operation of the robot. Therefore, the power supply of industrial robots needs to have high isolation performance, which can effectively eliminate interference signals;
4. High impulse response speed: in some cases, industrial robots need to respond in a very short time. Therefore, the power supply needs to have a high speed impulse response capability, so that the robot can respond quickly and perform operations accurately.
In short, the high-voltage power supply of industrial robots needs to meet multiple technical requirements such as high stability, high precision, high resolution, high isolation and high speed impulse response.
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