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What is the difference between AC power and DC power?

What is the difference between AC power and DC power?

The biggest difference between AC power supply and DC power supply is that DC power supply is constant, while AC power supply has a change cycle, while DC voltage is constant, and AC has an effective value. Depending on the heating effect of the current, generally a voltmeter will indicate or measure an rms value.

Due to the change cycle of the AC power supply, the capacitor can be charged and discharged in a short period of time, so another difference between the AC power supply and the DC power supply is that the AC power can pass through the capacitor, while the DC power cannot.

The DC power supply can provide stable DC power to the load. In actual use, the DC stabilized power supply is generally an AC power supply. When the voltage of the power supply or the resistance of the load changes, the voltage of the regulator will remain stable. Nowadays, electronic equipment is developing in the direction of high precision, high stability, and high reliability. DC regulated power supplies have higher requirements for electronic equipment power supplies.

The AC regulated power supply can provide stable AC power to the load, and it is also called an AC voltage regulator. The output is an AC power supply, and all kinds of electronic equipment need a relatively stable AC power supply. Especially for various fields of computer technology applications, the direct power supply of an AC power grid without protection measures has been unable to meet the needs of users.

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