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  • Nc DC power supply, also known as programmable DC power supply, is a kind of DC power supply with digital control function. It can be programmed to set output current, voltage and power supply protection parameters, to achieve automatic testing and control functions.

  • Kaihong is a professional leader China Capacitance test power supply manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Capacitor test power supply is a DC power supply specially designed for capacitor test. It can provide stable and adjustable DC voltage, which can be used to test capacitors' load-carrying capacity, capacity value and other parameters.

  • The 60Hz variable frequency power supply is a power supply device that can convert the frequency of the input power supply to 60Hz. Generally, the 60Hz variable frequency power supply has a wide range of input power frequencies and can accept input power of different frequencies, such as 50Hz or 60Hz.

  • Kaihong is a leading China Bidirectional dc power supply manufacturers. Two-way DC power supply is a kind of power supply which can convert electric energy bidirectional. It can convert direct current into exchangeable energy, and can convert exchangeable energy back into electricity. Two-way DC power supply has the following characteristics:

  • Kaihong is a leading China EI motor test power supply manufacturers. The EI series electric vehicle motor controller experimental power supply is designed and manufactured for electric vehicle motor experiments. Its output characteristics can simulate the output characteristics of the battery, customers can use it on the electric vehicle motor controller and other electrical parts of a variety of functions of the experiment, and has a good protection function, to ensure the safety of the controller and electrical equipment in a variety of circumstances.

  • Programmable switching power supply is a kind of power supply equipment, its output voltage and current can be programmed through the built-in digital controller to adjust, realize the automatic control of power supply. This kind of power supply has the characteristics of high efficiency, good stability, high reliability, is widely used in communication, computer, medical, security, industrial automation and other fields.

  • DC stable voltage and current switching power supply is a power conversion device, which can convert AC power supply into stable DC power supply for electronic equipment. The power supply is characterized by high efficiency, good stability, small size, light weight, high reliability, wide range of regulation.

  • Kaihong is a leading China Adjustable DC power supply manufacturers. Adjustable DC regulated power supply is an efficient and stable power equipment, which is used to provide stable DC power for various electronic equipment and circuits. The product can adjust the output voltage and current to meet the requirements of different equipment. This article will introduce the characteristics and advantages of adjustable DC regulated power supply and its application in various application scenarios.

  • Kaihong is a professional leader China Dual DC power supply manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Characteristics of high power DC regulated power supply:1. High stability: The voltage and current of the high-power DC regulated power supply are highly stable, which can still maintain a relatively stable output under the condition of large load changes and line fluctuations.