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Welcome to buy durable, cheap price and high quality High voltage power supply from our factory. As a professional China High voltage power supply manufacturers and suppliers, Kaihong has its own brands. Our products support quotation and can be customized.
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  • High voltage power supply 30kV refers to a power supply device capable of providing a voltage output of 30,000 volts. This high-voltage power supply is usually used for specific applications, such as scientific research, industrial manufacturing, medical equipment and other fields. It can produce high electric field and high voltage environment to meet the needs of corresponding equipment or experiments.

  • High power and high voltage power supply is a kind of power supply device that can provide high power output and high voltage output. It is usually used in applications requiring high voltage and high power, such as scientific research experiments, industrial production and medical equipment.

  • Kaihong is a professional leader China High voltage dual power supply manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. A high-voltage dual power supply is a power supply system with two independent power input paths used to provide a high-voltage power supply. Its main feature is that it has a redundant function, that is, when one power input path fails, another path can automatically take over the power supply to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system.

  • KH-DKG/SKG series DC high-voltage power supply in addition to the characteristics of KH-DK/SK power supply, but also has the characteristics of high output voltage, we back according to customer requirements to produce ultra-high voltage (up to 100000V) power supply, eye power up to 60kW, voltage and current can be continuously adjustable, long-term full load continuous stable work.

  • Kaihong is a professional leader China Dual DC power supply manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Characteristics of high power DC regulated power supply:1. High stability: The voltage and current of the high-power DC regulated power supply are highly stable, which can still maintain a relatively stable output under the condition of large load changes and line fluctuations.

  • Kaihong is a leading China Military Power Supply manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. Among which the military power supply is mainly more adaptable, better concealment, and so on.

  • Main performance characteristics of thyristor power supply: High quality Thyristor Power Supply is offered by China manufacturers Kaihong. This series of power supply is three-phase input, the maximum output power can reach 1000KW, has a perfect protection line, the accuracy and stability is quite good.

  • As the professional manufacturers, Kaihong would like to provide you high quality Laboratory Test Power Supply. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. We also supply high-power adjustable linear DC power supply and high-frequency switch adjustable power supply.

  • Kaihong is a professional leader China Universal Variable Frequency Power Supply manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. It can support defense, military detection, avionics, navigation and communication applications with a frequency of 400Hz. Welcome to contact us.

You can buy High voltage power supply from our factory, our products are all made in China. Kaihong as one of the High voltage power supply manufacturers and suppliers in China. We believe that talent is the main pillar of the development of an enterprise, so the company for a long time to cultivate and explore suitable for the company's technical personnel, formed a united struggle team, among which senior engineers, engineers with bachelor's degree or above, frontline engineering and technical personnel account for 30%, with strong technical force and new product research and development ability.
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