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Welcome to buy durable, cheap price and high quality high voltage dc dc converter from our factory. As a professional China high voltage dc dc converter manufacturers and suppliers, Kaihong has its own brands. Our products support quotation and can be customized.
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  • KH-DKG/SKG series DC high-voltage power supply in addition to the characteristics of KH-DK/SK power supply, but also has the characteristics of high output voltage, we back according to customer requirements to produce ultra-high voltage (up to 100000V) power supply, eye power up to 60kW, voltage and current can be continuously adjustable, long-term full load continuous stable work.

  • Kaihong is a professional China Controller DC Power Supply manufacturers and suppliers. Controller DC power supply, with small size, light weight, high power, high precision. Can adapt to resistive, inductive, capacitive and other loads.

  • High quality DC Stable Voltage And Current Supply is offered by China manufacturers Kaihong. This series of products have simple operation, small volume, high efficiency, high precision, high stability and other performance. It is the best choice of research units, laboratory test and production line test power supply.

  • Kaihong is China manufacturers and suppliers who mainly produces DC Test Power Supply with many years of experience. Dc test power supply is a test power supply developed for motor controller, drive motor and vehicle testing in the new energy automobile industry.

  • Kaihong is a leading China DC Regulated Power Supply manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. It has the following characteristics: High stability: DC voltage regulated power supply controls the output voltage through feedback regulation to keep it within the set value range, so it has high stability.

You can buy high voltage dc dc converter from our factory, our products are all made in China. Kaihong as one of the high voltage dc dc converter manufacturers and suppliers in China. We believe that talent is the main pillar of the development of an enterprise, so the company for a long time to cultivate and explore suitable for the company's technical personnel, formed a united struggle team, among which senior engineers, engineers with bachelor's degree or above, frontline engineering and technical personnel account for 30%, with strong technical force and new product research and development ability.